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Black Unicorn LLC’s mission is to create intersectional and culturally competent consulting services for clients who focus on people over corporations. These services are tailored to engage, educate, and mobilize organizations and their base to manifest transformative change. Whether you’re a seasoned entity with big ideas to execute, or a new start-up entity looking to enhance your organizations reach; Black Unicorn is here for you!

Meet Staci J. Lowry

Staci J. Lowry is a dedicated grassroots community organizer from Detroit, Michigan. Her experiences have led her to advocate for better policies to protect black and brown communities. Her passion for social justice has developed into specializing in trainings, capacity building, leadership development, integrated voter engagement, electoral campaigning, management and program development. Staci has worked with organizations locally, statewide, and nationally.

Staci is a true believer in manifesting the change that she wants to see in both the consulting and grassroots world. She is adamant that intersectionality and integrity in this work is a necessity to engage and mobilize communities to be transformative change.​

Staci earned her Associate Degree in Community Leadership from Henry Ford College. In addition to her formal education, she has more than six years of expertise in grassroots organizing, leadership development, electoral campaigning, public speaking, program development and management.


Program Development
Project Management Training & Facilitation

Leadership & Professional Development

*During President Obama Administration*